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Most men know that healthy Testosterone levels are one of the most important factors in mens health. Do you lift, and would like to increase your gains in the gym? Build muscle while simultaneously losing weight? Or perhaps your sex-life has begun to slow as you age? Do you feel sluggish throughout the day and wish you had the energy levels you had when you were younger? Tongkat Ali is a testosterone-raising, sexually stimulating herb that has been used for over 1,000 years in Indonesia but is just starting to gain world-wide appeal.

Perhaps your a long-time user of Tongkat Ali and are simply looking for the cheapest seller...

Perhaps you have never tried Tongkat Ali, but your looking for a healthy, natural way to raise your testosterone levels...

Either way, unlike most Tongkat Ali sellers, there are no snake-oil salesman here at Authentic Tongkat Ali. We only sell pure Sumatra Pasak Bumi, the most respected name in the business, at the best prices you will find. If you want fancy sales pitches accompanied by small bottles of low-potency product, you came to the wrong place. But if you want top quality Tongkat Ali that can change one of the most important factors in your life, welcome to Authentic Tongkat Ali. Simply put, we offer the best Tongkat Ali supplement around.

Tongkat Ali is not a synthetic testosterone product, it is a natural herb. It works by stimulating your own body to produce more testosterone. Pure Tongkat Ali in sufficient dosage and concentration increases your testosterone level. And the increase in testosterone level no doubts leads to:


  • A high sex drive and libido
  • Longer, harder and more spontaneous erection
  • Improve muscle mass and strength
  • A boost in energy and vitality
  • Increase bone mineral density
  • A sense of well being
  • Improve cognitive function

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My Story

I got started on Tongkat Ali root extract because I was working out very seriously, and was looking for a Testosterone boost to help grow. I tried several of the well-known brands with a heavy marketing presence and was disappointed. However, in doing more research I found a lot of people on the web were recommending Sumatra Pasak Bumi, so I decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did.

Sumatra Pasak Bumi gave me the boost in the gym I was looking for, but it also gave me a boost in bed that I did not know I was missing until I experienced it. I felt like I was 19 again. After a few years as a satisfied customer I began working with the company to expand there distribution efforts.

Why Sumatra Pasak Bumi?

To become potent enough to effect the Leydig cells in the testes that Tongkat Ali acts on, a plant needs to be close to 10 years old. Only the Sumatra Pasak Bumi company has access to the Indonesian rainforests that have old Tongkat Ali plants. Then the roots need to be harvested - the rest of the plant does not contain the active chemicals - and then extracted. We only sell 1:50 and 1:200 extracts, meaning that Sumatra Pasak Bumi used either 50 grams or 200 grams of root to make each gram of finished product. To learn more about Sumatra Pasak Bumi's operation, click here and scroll down. There you will see why harvesting authentic Tongkat Ali is such an involved process, and why cheaper retailers are clearly not selling you quality product that will give you the results you desire.

Almost all of the sources of Tongkat Ali you see online are one of the following:

- Not actually Tongkat Ali

- Not from plants that are old enough to be potent

- Use the entire plant, not just the root

- Don't extract the active chemicals, instead simply grind up the root

If you have tried other brands of Tongkat Ali and did not notice any significant changes, try our authentic Sumatra Pasak Bumi product. We believe you will not be disappointed.

We are the registered agent for Sumatra Pasak Bumi in the United States, and that is how we are able to offer the cheapest prices around.

Authentic Tongkat Ali

Authentic Tongkat Ali 

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