600mg 1:200 Tongkat Ali Root Extract, 100 Capsules

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Ideal for men seeking maximum results. 45 - 90 day supply depending upon usage. 100 capsules of 600mg, 200:1 strength Tongkat Ali Root extract. This is our most popular product, with an extremely high repeat-customer rate. Kosher and Halal. 

Study: Effect of Tongkat Ali on Hormones -  (nih.gov) - Increased free testosterone levels by 37% while decreasing cortisol levels by 16%

"I was feeling sluggish all the time and never felt like having sex. Now I feel 10 times better, have sex 4-6 times a week. Sounds funny, but your product has really changed my life" - Mike, 53, Sacramento, California

"My husband began taking your 600mg pills three weeks ago, and our sex like has gone through the roof. We had been down to having sex once or twice a month, now its almost every day!" - Jessica, 38, Albany, New York

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