How long before Tongkat Ali starts to work? March 14 2022

A common question on the minds of new or potential Tongkat Ali users is "How long before Tongkat Ali starts to work?" Understandably, nobody wants to try a potential product that may take an extended time to yield results. To answer that question, we can look at two sources – the testimony of users and scientific tests/studies.

User testimony and scientific studies are two completely animals.  People that use an herbal supplement judge its effectiveness based upon how they feel. In scientific studies, analytical testing is done to see if a change has occurred.

To summarize the results, the first change most people feel is having higher energy levels. Many users of Tongkat Ali report feeling peppier within the first few hours. For some, they have trouble sleeping when taken close to bedtime.

However, changes to muscle tone, erection quality, sex drive do not come as fast. Most people report those changes really take hold several weeks into Tongkat Ali supplementation. This is likely because the metabolic mechanism by which Tongkat Ali effects Testosterone levels is much slower reacting. Eurycomanone (the main active ingredient in Tongkat Ali) is believed to raise testosterone levels by allowing testosterone to release from Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. Testosterone that is bound to SHBG is not available to the body for use.  By freeing up the testosterone it can begin to work as intended.

Scientific studies on how long before Tongkat Ali starts to work

We will get into the details of a few studies in a bit, but first I’ll summarize the results. Unfortunately, most of the scientific study into Tongkat Ali has focused on Is it effective? Rather than How fast is it effective? However, numerous studies have found that it is effective within about a month.

Another interesting observation is that all off the published studies used Indonesian Tongkat Ali.  That backs up anecdotal evidence that Indonesian Tongkat Ali is the most potent in the world. Read more about that here:

 37% increase in free testosterone after four weeks:

In a study published May 2013 (Effect of Tongkat Ali on stress hormones and psychological mood state in moderately stressed subjects ( 63 subjects were tested versus a placebo group for four weeks. In this study, Testosterone was only tested after four weeks so it is impossible to say how quickly Testosterone levels increased, but clearly they did. Directly from their published article:

“Significant improvements were found in the TA group for Tension (−11%), Anger (−12%), and Confusion (−15%). Stress hormone profile (salivary cortisol and testosterone) was significantly improved by TA supplementation, with reduced cortisol exposure (−16%) and increased testosterone status (+37%).”

41% Improvement in free testosterone in seniors after 5 weeks:

In this (Tongkat Ali as a potential herbal supplement for physically active male and female seniors--a pilot study - PubMed ( study published in June 2013 came up with the following conclusions after five weeks: Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia; TA) is known to increase testosterone levels and alleviate aging males' symptoms. This study aimed at investigating TA as an ergogenic supplement for elderly people. Thirteen physically active male and 12 physically active female seniors (57-72 years) were supplemented with 400-mg TA extract daily for 5 weeks. Standard hematological parameters were taken. In addition, the concentrations of total and free testosterone, dihydroepiandrosterone, cortisol, insulin-like growth factor-1, and sex hormone-binding globulin were analyzed. As additional biochemical parameters, blood urea nitrogen and creatine kinase as parameters of kidney function and muscle damage, respectively, as well as the muscle strength by a simple handgrip test were determined. After treatment, hemoglobin, testosterone, and dihydroepiandrosterone concentrations, and the ratio of total testosterone/cortisol and muscle force remained significantly lower in female seniors than in male seniors. Hematocrit and erythrocyte count in male seniors increased slightly but were significantly higher than in female seniors. Treatment resulted in significant (41%) increases in total and free testosterone concentrations and muscular force in men and women. The increase in free testosterone in women is thought to be due to the significant decline in sex hormone-binding globulin concentrations. The study affirms the ergogenic benefit of TA through enhanced muscle strength.

Patients with LOH - 36% normal testosterone levels to 91% after one month:

In a study published in June, 2011, 76 patients suffering from late onset hopogonadism were treatd with Tongkat Ali for one month. At the beginning of the trial, only 36% had testosterone levels considered to be normal.  At the completion of the month, 91% showed normal values.  Summary here: Standardised water-soluble extract of Eurycoma longifolia, Tongkat ali, as testosterone booster for managing men with late-onset hypogonadism? - PubMed (


45% improvement in erectile function after 6 months:

A study published in December, 2020 by Maturitas and later by the National Institute For Health (NIH.GOV) tested four groups: Placebo, Exercise plus Placebo, Tongkat Ali, and Exercise plus Tongkat Ali, both Tongkat Ali groups showed a statistically significant improvement (45%) in erectile function. The Study focused on men between the ages of 42 and 52. You can find the short version of the study here: A 6-month, double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized trial to evaluate the effect of Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat Ali) and concurrent training on erectile function and testosterone levels in androgen deficiency of aging males (ADAM) - PubMed (


To answer the question – How long does Tongkat Ali take to work? - Users of Tongkat Ali tend to report an increase in energy levels rather quickly - sometimes within hours. However increases in characteristics tied directly to Testosterone levels such as sex drive, erection quality, and lean mass increases typically don’t become noticeable until several weeks in. However, numerous scientific studies have confirmed that within about a month, most users do experience noticeable improvements at a statistically significant level.